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New Construction Loans + Line of Credit  

60% LTC-Initial  (shovel ready with plans & permits in hand)

75% LTC-Construction (if it is < 65% of  As-Completed Value)

70% LTC-Total  (shovel ready with plans & permits in hand)

No Pre-Pay Penalty (6 Mo Yield Maintenance)

Platinum Borrower Approval

Build without a Bank.

Get approved for a Line of Credit up to $5,000,000 to use on any approved project and break ground in 21 days or less.

Loan Parameters

1-2 Year Term

9.75% IO (floor rate)

No Pre-Pay Penalty (6 Months Yield Maintenance)

60% LTC-Initial (shovel ready with plans and permits in hand)

75% Total Project Cost 

70% LTC-Total | 65% ARV-LTV

SFR, MF 2-4 Unit, Condo, Townhome, PUDs

Non-Owner Occupied

Foreign Nationals Qualify (5% reduction to max LTC/LTV/ARV)


Licensed GC Required for all Construction Items

Full Recourse Guaranty from at least (1) one qualifying individual holding an interest in the Borrower > 20%

Orbit FS - Matrix - LOC & GROUND UP - 02
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